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Junior Discipleship School

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!Not your usual Bible Training school


All you need to know about the Junior Disciple School is right here. Read it!

JDS is Junior Discipleship School. It is a two-week long indepth Bible training (where different categories of young peope are trained, e.g. youths, teenagers, and children) . The institute’s burden is to see more young people come into the intimate knowledge of the truth – which is Jesus Christ, the Word of God – right from when they are young, in accordance with Psalm 119:9-11. understand the rudimentaries of Christian growth early, and adapt themselves to walking with and becoming like Jesus in all spheres of their lives.

The goal of the institute is to ensure that all participants, in all the categories listed above, become not only versed in gospel truths, but are able to live them out practically in their lives, with the aim that these truths become an unmistakeable, undeniable, and indelible part of them as they grow into adults.

During the period of training, emphasis is made upon the Person of Christ in all the various courses in the institute. This is primarily targeted at letting these young ones recognise the relevance and presence of Christ in all spheres, no matter what they have been designed to become in life. Our end goal is to ensure that they become calvary arrows with which God can destroy the works of the devil in their generation, depopulate the kingdom of hell, and establish God’s kingdom wherever they may find themselves.

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